Rebel Podcast: Life and Work on Your Terms

Bonus Episode: Authentic HR: Rebel for Success!

February 17, 2023 Kyle Roed, The HR Guy
Rebel Podcast: Life and Work on Your Terms
Bonus Episode: Authentic HR: Rebel for Success!
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In this bonus episode, Kyle re-lives his glory days of being a touring musician!  

Kyle will utilize the concepts of music to help HR professionals understand:  

1. What genre are you supposed to be playing, and how does that correlate to your company? 

2. What does being on stage do you a musician and a HR professional? 

3. How can you prevent burnout and truly fulfill your purpose 

Rebel ON, HR Rebels!  

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Kyle Roed:

She said Mama loves Jesus What did that do? Did you just have a feeling? Maybe you thought I sucked at singing and why am I listening this podcast and that's okay. Music evokes emotion. What is HR do we are also supposed to evoke emotion? But what emotion Do you evoke? Are you Toby from the office? Are you oh shit hrs here? What do I do? What did I do wrong? Side? No, you probably do have a reputational issue. It's time to Irbil. Billy Idol for you. The best musicians are rebels. So I asked you this, what genre are you trying to play at your organization? Here's the secret. There are only really like five chords that you need to play in order to play most popular music. Just played almost all music. The difference is how you play those five chords matters. Are you playing on like this? Or like this? So gotta ask yourself this question. Who are you as an artist, here's an issue. context switching is a problem. If your organization is asking you to switch from one genre to the next, every few minutes, you are going to screw something up, you will get tired. On average, it takes people about 10 minutes to get back into a productive workflow after being interrupted, so you might be playing a sweet solo. And then some drunk asshole says play for Uber. Sidenote, if you are a musician, you do have to learn how to play Freebird. Or you will get beat up at the bar. So make sure that you know how to play Freebird. But the point is, you can't do it all. You can't play every single genre for everybody. You have to find the right genre for you. And you have to find the right band members to play that genre with you, sidenote, always find the drummer they are the hardest to find. Once you find your band, now you've got to deal with stage fright. Trying to achieve social performance is exhausting. But guess what, that's what HR does every single freaking day. We are onstage acting. Here's the trick. You can't fake it. You have to be authentic and you have to be true even when it hurts. If you are constantly acting over and over and over again, it's exhausting. You will burn yourself out how many articles that we read lately about HR fatigue. The problem is human behavior. When you constantly consider your actions, you screw up, you have to learn how to play your own music, or people will tell that you are not playing the genre that you should shouldn't be playing. Here's a quote I love. If you tell the truth. You don't have to remember anything. That's a Mark Twain quote. And that's what we should all be striving to do. If we are faking it, we will fail. Eventually, when I started my career, I thought I had to play everything in C major. Because it's pretty and it's right and it's like that that corporate headshot with the shiny photo that everybody wants. But the truth is that I should be playing a C minor that's just me. That's who I am. So ask yourself this. How are you doing? Are you playing the blues on a Sunday? Because that sucks. If you've got the Sunday scaries if you dread going into work, guess what? You're probably playing the wrong genre. So do you need a bridge? A bridge is a contrasting section and music that gets people to go back to the return to the original material. Is it time for you to go back to your original material? Ask yourself that. Here's the thing. We can make a difference in HR. If we are our authentic selves. Oh by the way, close it out on a badass power cord. lasting mark. Rebel