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Rebel Human Resources Podcast

Kyle Roed, The HR Guy

This podcast is about what HR can be. If you are a professional looking for innovative, thought provoking information in the world of human resources, come join us! Human Resources is such a dynamic role, that if we don't constantly adapt and change, we will be left behind. This podcast explores the new world of work, and how HR can drive change for the better. In this podcast, Kyle Roed covers various topics with other business leaders disrupting the world of work. This podcast will focus on the ever-changing aspect of any organization: People. We discuss topics ranging from managing performance, building culture, engagement, inclusion, people analytics, and driving business results through others. We will answer questions like: How has HR evolved? How does HR add value? What does the future of HR look like? What if HR isn't working? (Hint: It probably isn't) The world is changing, and those who aren't ready to change with it will be left behind. Rebel on, HR Rebels!
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